What is this all about?

What is Swipe Away LLC?

Swipe Away LLC is a political apparel company serving the 67% of us who still favor democracy by providing apparel to the following 3 campaigns.

The Universal Symbol of Repudiation

The Universal Symbol of Repudiation, (the blue 'swipe',) is placed over political cartoons on T-shirts to clearly show how you feel about the issue at hand.

To Repudiate is to refuse to accept or be associated with an issue.


The United States of America is for US ALL.

Work With Blue

Work with Blue endeavors to provide for a coalition of all of the 67% as we act to reassert an actual conservative voice in our government to moderate the rate of progression, not to prevent it.

We must all vote en bloc with the Democratic Party until either the Republican Party regains its senses or is replaced.


The United States of America is For US ALL


The issues that people are picking most today.

BLUE: We need to Work With Blue, For US ALL

Until the Republican Party regains its identity as the voice of conservatism there must only be blue on your ballot.

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All wealth arises from labor and is of no value what-so-ever in the absence of ongoing labor. 33% can only rule if 67% stays sidelined. Equal justice must not be postponed. Anyone who shows they will take power must be precluded from anything to do with it. The movement is now! Momentum is everything! Spread the word!
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